About Us

The first measure to produce a superior olive oil is to pick olive fruit while it is still on the branch. In order to achieve this, PIERRE LOTI gives great support and importance to good agricultural practices in olive gardens and organic farming. Therefore, it protects the olive from unnecessary and incorrect agricultural spraying/fertilizer applications.

'Accurated Olive Harvest' is indispensable for high quality olive oil production. With the expertise of its specialized teams PIERRE LOTI determines the most accurate harvesting time for each tree. The olive is picked by using modern harvesting machines which do not damage the olive nor the tree. PIERRE LOTI counteracts the practices of harvesting with stick and never lets the olive touch the ground.

The transportation of the harvested olives to the factory is executed by using breathable open boxes up to maximum 25 kg. Unlike the widely practised method of transportation in closed sacks, this special tecnique prevents crushing, mold geowth and fermentation of the product along with acid and peroxide increase.

In contradistinction to its competitors who store the olives for many days prior to pressing phase, PIERRE LOTI performs the pressing process immediately after collecting the harvest, within 8-12 hours. As another major difference in the method used by PIERRE LOTI from its competitors, prior to the pressing process the branches/leaves and damaged olives are removed from the harvested products by sifting tecnique which is a unique practise for olive oil production whereas sifting is normally practised for only table olives in the market. During the washing phase of the olives PIERRE LOTI uses the city water supply which is proofed to be at drinking quality.

True cold press is applied at 27-32 Celsius with a 2-phase ecological system in compliance with the European standard. Olive oil is obtained only through mechanical processes without contact with any chemicals.

In the first year of its production PIERRE LOTI has documented its quality with the organic certifications of ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 22000: 2005 and ETKO.

The olive oil produced from daily fresh olives are transferred to our special storage unit through closed chromium-nickel transfer lines without any contact with sunlight, air and heat. Our healing source olive oil is stored in Chromium-Nickel tanks which are pressurized with nitrogen gas and the olive oil is subjected to regular pomace taking and quality control tests by our food engineers. Therefore, the high amount of antioxidants available in our olive oil are well preserved along with its exquisite aroma and fragrance.

Following its classification according to its organoleptic (sensory) and biochemical properties, PIERRE LOTI olive oil reaches the end user with the healthiest packaging material such as glass and tin. Therefore the product is protected from contact with "heat-light-humidity-air", which are the 4 main enemies of olive oil.

Considering these high qualities of the PIERRE LOTI olive oil production process which is performed UNDER CAREFUL AND UNCOMPROMISING HYGIENIC CONDITIONS as it should be, we can comfortably say it is a superior and highly nutritious olive oil beyond the standard of the widely consumed and recognized olive oil brands in the market.