Natural Products

We started with a simple idea, a healthy diet for a healthy life. Vegetablesfruits should be consumed only in season. We brought seasonal fruitsvegetables being grown throughout our country to our facilitiesdried them using no additives in a healthy, cleanhygienic, enclosed environment.

Food Processing Technology prevents exposure to direct sunlightopen-air so no dust, no microbes, no externalities, no yeastmoldno formation of aflatoxins.

Our patented drying system has only healthy, clean, seasonally growndried produce.

Thanks to the Food Processing Technology the final product is not only exceptional due its flavorthe analysis reports that show it to be aflatoxin freecontaminant free but this technique also produces superior taste.

Similar products on the market contain sulphurother chemicals along with added salt. Not using these additives in production enhances the products nutritional value. The increase in consumer awareness means that you, the public will exercise more care when selecting products, especially foodstuffs. In this dayage, we must be aware of pollutioncontamination not only in the environment but also in the additives used in food processing. Now we have come to understand the importance of eating naturalthe detriments of pesticides. This is where we come in. PIERRE LOTI products are completely preservative freecontain no added sugarsweeteners. This makes them great to use in dessertsmealsthe perfect easy to eat vitaminmineral supplements for growing kids in school, at home,on the road. They are also the perfect snack for adultsare great nutritional supplements for the more mature consumer.

We hope to bring you many more healthy products!